Instructional Classes

Brewworx now offers a wide variety of instructional classes for the beginner, intermediate and advanced wine maker or beer brewer. Our Brewworx Brewmasters can walk you through how to use every piece of equipment and every brewing procedure step by step to make sure you feel confident and comfortable when making your next batch on your own at home. Here are just some of the classes we offer:

  • Wine MakingLearn how to make your favorite wine from one of our delicious wine kits.
  • How to make MeadLearn how to make one of the first fermented beverages made by man.
  • Cider MakingLearn how to make your favorite style cider. You can choose any variation of sweet or dry
  • Beer BrewingLearn how to brew your own beer using one of our numerous extract kits or really dial in your recipe with all grains.
  • YeastLearn how to properly cultivate your own yeast from previous batches along with the various flavor profiles and reactions of yeast.
  • FermentationLearn all about pitch rates, propagation and final gravity to tell when your creation is ready to drink.
  • CellaringLearn how to properly store and monitor your beers from the final stages of fermentation to long after it’s been bottled.

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Extract Brewing

Sunday, April 13th, 2016

Learn how to brew beer easily using dry and liquid malt extracts to simplify the brewing process. Call now to sign up! (813) 643-WINE (9463)

All Grain Brewing

Sunday, April 27th, 2016

Learn how to brew your beer from scratch! We teach you the entire process from grain to glass. Call now to sign up! (813) 643-WINE (9463)

* There are very limited spaces so be sure to contact us today for our class schedule and availability.


Brewworx offers Tasting parties once a month for our customers to come and sample various wines, beers, meads and ciders. Each tasting is different from the last so you and your friends may enjoy a guided tour of various wines from around the world or wind up refining your pallet to a specific region. We may be offering samples of various beer styles or doing a vertical of a particular beer with different yeasts or fermentation temperatures. You just never know what to expect next.

Call today to book a ticket and find out what we’ll be tasting next!

Private Parties

Throw a party with your friends to celebrate or just plain get together to have fun at Brewworx during your very own private party. You can rent out a section or our entire Brewworx facility to hold private parties and functions of all kinds. Catering is available through local partners and we provide everything else. Here are some of the parties we’ve done in the past:

  • Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties
  • Birthday Parties
  • Holiday Parties
  • Company Parties
  • Singles Groups
  • Fundraisers
  • and more…

We have very limited availability so call now and book your next party at Brewworx


For those of you who lack the equipment or the space, Brewworx offers Brew-on-Premise services. Brew your beer right here in our state of the art brewing facility. We provide the following:

  • Filtered Water
  • Electric Controlled Kettles
  • Mash Tun (HERMS)
  • Wort Pumps
  • Wash and Sanitation Stations

In addition you’ll have a friendly Brewworx Brewmaster there to help you out. They are there for your safety and to help you with any questions while your here.

Space and availability is very limited so call today to book a brewing station

Fermentation & Cellaring

Proper fermentation is the key to success when making any fermented beverage. Brewworx offers a temperature controlled fermentation chamber and basic cellaring services to our customers. Once you have completed your batch with us, we place your creation in our fermentation chamber. There it is carefully monitored throughout its fermentation process, until you return to bottle it.


No matter if you want to keg or bottle your new custom recipe, we help you along the way. Most people come back to perform the final steps before drinking their recipe but for some people life just gets in the way. No worries. We offer kegging and bottling services that get your beer ready to drink and ready for pickup.